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About us

Hi there! Thanks for visiting our website. We’re Carlin and Ruweka and we have been greyhound (and pointy dog!) enthusiasts for many years now.

It all started while Ruweka was studying to be a veterinarian and discovered the greyhound fostering program. Having worked with them through university and seeing what beautiful, sweet-natured creatures they were, she convinced Carlin that they should become foster carers. Like the good human he is, he agreed without a fuss!

And so began our journey getting to know and care for many a greyhound! Our first boy Buster was a real chiller. Despite this, we remember what a steep learning curve it was when we began fostering. Greyhounds often come from a racing background and as such have not been treated as pets, and don’t often know what’s involved with being a pet. They often have to learn how to walk on different floors, navigate stairs, sleep indoors and interact with other non-greyhound dogs.

With the right training, time and patience, we have found these dogs to be the most wonderful pets. We hope that you can get some useful info from our website to help on your greyhound journey.

We always love to hear from our readers so if there is anything you would like to know more about or have any questions, just send us a message at

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